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Guardiola lab announces genetic surgery results Oleksandr Zinchenko

Guardiola lab announces genetic surgery results Oleksandr Zinchenko, the player who caught Celery from where he was with him, has always stood at full-back. Let’s go up to be a midfielder for the PSC game that beat Paris Saint-2-0 yesterday that passed the exam. Prepare for continued use

Oleksandr Zinchenko the past is often a Pepsi handle playing left-back, but this season, ousting Chu took Gan Zelo is hot does not make Boss age of 50 years for a position on the tibia Ukraine is the number # 8 of the 4. -3-3 like playing for the national team

Overview of football left foot as well as 54 minutes on the field, satisfying to the Navarro Viola greatly by simultaneously considering he was Choi’s midfield in the future.  

“ Ask if you are prepare to torture him playing this position for a long time ? Tell me not long but we know each other well Since the basic principles or things. That we have to do My underlings are smart enough if something needs to be adjust. ” 

“ Like ‘ Olegs ‘ yesterday was a new position at City, but a regular position with the national team. He did a good job and helped us because he had the smarts and was outstanding in defense. ” 

“ It was a long time ago that Zinchenko didn’t play in midfield for us. Or, to be honest, he might never even stand at #8 . ” 

” It’s not easy to find a position, the first few minutes may not be in place but after that he plays better. ” 

It was a successful trial as the team were without Phil Foden ( Weak Fit ) and Kevin De Bruyne ( Covid ) had to miss the game for a while.