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How to calculate income or loss from ufabet card games straight website

Calculation of chips received or paid around the betting circle, card games, ufabet, direct websites vary depending on the betting round. The details are as follows.

  • In the first round, the player wins 2 times from the round, if losing, pays 2 times the round and pays the other players who have less than 1 time of the betting chip.
  • For the other round, the person who can win 1 time from the round, if losing, pays 1 time around the circle and pays the person. Whose score is less than the other 1 times the betting chip.
  • Normal flow after the second player discards a single card. The first one has to pay half of the chip bet.
  • to the second player
  • Flow continues if the third player follows the second player. The first player pays half of the stake again to the third.
  • Flowing pairs of cards or playing cards. If the first person is drawn a pair of cards must pay 1 time of the bet chip. Or being flown three cards must pay 2 times the bet chip
  • Sucking. The player who gets suck has to pay 3 times the stake. Other players pay 1 time.
  • Knocked out or out of hand, the winner gets 3 times chips around the circle.
  • Techniques for discarding cards. How to get the lowest points left ufa.

Techniques for discarding cards, how to get the lowest points left ufa

Discarding cards requires skill and precision in remembering card points. By playing card games, ufabet entrances can discard 1-4 cards with the following methods.

  • When it comes to the order we play The player must discard 1 card. If in the hand there is a card of the same rank that the previous person has already discarded, can flow along, that is, discard that card without drawing. but if there is no same card Must draw a card and choose the highest card in the hand discarded. causing the hand points to decrease even more.
  • If there are multiple cards of the same rank in hand Can discard all cards. For example, the previous person discards 7 cards down. We already have a pair of 7 cards, can discard two cards or in case of drawing a card, a 9 is pick up and there is already 1-2 9’s in hand. All 9’s can be discarded at the same time.

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