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3 young players emerging at Euro 2020

3 young players emerging at Euro 2020. At Euro 2020. There are many players who can make an appearance on the ring. Especially those young players who have just experienced a big national football game for the first time ufabet..

3 young players emerging at Euro 202

Gianluigi Donnarumma (Italy) 

Let’s start with Gianluigi Donnarumma, the 22-year-old Italy national team goalkeeper. Who has played the role of number one for his hometown team following the legendary Gianluigi Buffon. So he stood at the pole to prove his skill. In a national big tournament for the first time And leave the work of saving the goal in a very impressive way. Especially in the group stage. Who kept “clean sheets” up to 3 games in a row. Although becoming a player without an agency in the period before the start of Euro 2020 because of the expiration of the contract with AC Milan, but has a tough net defense skill sticky.  So there is news that the giant football clubs are ready to accept the event as well.

Pedry (Spain)

The 18-year-old Spain international midfielder Pedry, who was recently called up to his homeland shortly before Euro 2020, will make his international debut in March 2021. But Barcelona’s youngsters are showing off their old age by squeezing their place in the starting line-up from their seniors. And can stand as a control of the game in the midfield panel as well. Even with a small mistake From the stroke of sending the ball back and going into the own goal in the last 16 round of 16 win over Croatia 5-3 in extra time. But it is considered to have performed well overall beyond his age.

Bukayo Saga (England)

Meanwhile, 19-year-old England winger Bukayo Saka is one of the youngsters emerging at Euro 2020. Although the city’s elite have plenty of right-wing players to choose from. It will be Phil Foden, Jadon Sanso, Marcus Rashford and Jack Grealish. But Arsenal’s youngsters are most entrusted to start here. And was selected to win the best player award from the last game of the group stage that was slashed to win. Czech Republic go 1-0.