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Arsenal quit Ramsdale and target West Brom goalkeeper

Arsenal Arsenal quit Ramsdale and target West Brom goalkeeper. The preparations deflect predators outposts people after the Valais by Ismael big boss of West Bromwich Albion explicitly declared that he was ready to give Sam Vaughn. Aston, the number one goalkeeper could leave the club this summer, according to ufabet.

Sam Johnstone

Arsenal had previously been linked with a £40m bid for Sheffield United goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale. And pressured Brand Leno’s number one position. Who has been criticized for saving many goals last season.

However, have more options after The Baggies boss Ismael is ready to sell another England goalkeeper Johnston in the transfer market. It is estimated to be worth only 20 million pounds.

“It’s no secret that Sam Johnston and Mathaus Pereira. Two of our players, can move freely. I think they would like to move completely.”

“I don’t want the best players. what i want is the right players and even if they moved the team. We will try to find the right solution, we will see. As soon as he finishes the Euros we will know.”