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Southgate reveals why three young players were used

Southgate reveals why three young players were used . Gareth South Gate national team manager in the interview that I was directly responsible for the national team defeated Italy in the final game of Euro 2020 , but only one. Especially when deciding to choose a young player to be the first 3 of the 5 penalty shooters.

Southgate reveals why three young players were used

“It’s me who decides who will take the penalty in this game. Of course, that includes the shooting sequence as well. So this defeat is entirely my fault,” Southgate told the BBC.

“But I assure you that I did not choose to go haphazardly. We’ve been through a lot of penalties practice. which I use that information as a decision aid And would like to ask fans not to blame only one player. we win together Lost together as a team.”

“Everyone is all the same disappointed. The players themselves have put in their best efforts. instead of being insulted I think we should give credit and be proud of them coming to compete on behalf of the national team.”

“The boys ran for the whole 120 minutes and were doing their best so I don’t know what to blame. Even when being the defensive Together they defended the goal almost perfectly. Especially in the second half, I think it’s a very good form, but unfortunately we can’t find the winning goal.